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A Family Membership to love, teach and inspire you for only $10 per month!*

Simplicity for parents and parents-to-be! 10 amazing reasons to be a member of The WOMB! Members of The WOMB have many great opportunities for support, resources and building relationships. These include:

#1: FREE child minding during appointments! We’ve got your family covered. Just make an appointment for yourself - and your baby and/or children will be cared for on-site by our loving and experienced staff. Book your appointment now!
*Non-members pay $3/half hour per child

#2: Often your therapist, counsellor or practitioner will suggest a product for you. Or maybe you’ve been eyeing that beautiful baby wrap in our Nourished Specialty Shoppe. Members get 10% off products that are convenient, locally sourced and made specially for parents and parents-to-be!

#3: You’re never alone when you’re a member of The WOMB. WOMB Doulas will guide you and your partner through each stage of pregnancy, your birth process and even in the early postpartum days with your new little one(s). WOMB Members receive a FREE consultation with a Birth and/or Postnatal Doula to learn about how she can support you and your partner, and give your family confidence and peace of mind each step of the way.

#4: Growing families and new parents need the camaraderie of a village to reassure them that they are doing great and to feel like they belong somewhere. Share your stories, hear how other parents thrive, and touch base with The WOMB’s expert practitioners at our Drop-In Groups! WOMB Members gather for FREE in our space with refreshments and snacks and a little comfort from fellow parents. Join in your Drop-In Group today!

#5: Being a parent or parent-to-be can involve a lot of decision making for your child(ren). Gathering that information to make the right decisions for your family is part of what The WOMB can help you do. Many of the Workshops at The WOMB are FREE for Members! Learn more in your Pregnancy & Birth Workshops or Parenting Workshops today! 

#6: New to Yoga or just new to Yoga at The WOMB? It’s an amazing way to connect with your baby before its arrival and to continue that bonding experience once your little one arrives. Try a class for FREE! The WOMB Family Members get a FREE Prenatal Yoga Class and a FREE Baby and Me Yoga class! Call The WOMB to book yours! 

#7: The WOMB Membership is for the WHOLE family! For only $10 per month, you will receive all these benefits that apply to you, your children, your partner and any other members of your family! Get product discounts, free child minding, free workshops, drop-in groups and more! Become a Member today!  

#8: Want to purchase your WOMB Family Membership all up front? Members who sign up for a year, pay even less! Get a whole year of product discounts, free child minding, free workshops, drop-in groups and more for only $100! Become a Member today!
*regular membership is $10 per month for a minimum of 6 months

#9: Every time you purchase a membership, 5% of membership goes to The WOMB’s Angel Fund that assists families in need to get the support and health care needed to have a healthy, whole life. We are happy to have had been able to support mothers with breastfeeding in the ICU of hospitals, support families with in-home postnatal doula support,  provide parents with WellMama Mental Wellness Home Visits, and we are planning a mission to Guatemala to support the establishment of a home for pregnant girls and teens who have been victims of rape and incest. Your contribution is going a long way! 

#10: Your contribution and commitment to your own health and wellness is our #1 reason why YOU NEED TO BE A WOMB MEMBER! A healthy mom, dad, parent means a healthy beginning for your baby(ies). When we as parents take care of ourselves, we are much better able to care for the little ones that we have been blessed to come into our lives. So do it for yourself and do it for your family. Book your appointment or class now! 

Become a Member today! 

*plus applicable HST

Terms of membership

Memberships are for a minimum 6 months from the first payment date. First month payment is due the date of sign up. One month’s notice is required to discontinue a membership after the 6 month period. For memberships that are paid up front, a prorated refund for the remaining term will be issued after one month’s notice.

Non-Member Families

  • Child Minding (by appointment only): $3 per ½ hour (minimum $3)
  • Drop-in Groups $5 donation to the Angel Fund
  • Access to all workshops, classes and health care practitioners at regular price
  • Nourished Shoppe products at regular price

Get in touch! Give us a call at 905.842.2434, or click here to book an appointment. 

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