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About the WOMB

THE WORLD OF MY BABY: The WOMB grew out of a passion for supporting women and their families as birth and postnatal doulas. Lorri Fleming and Angie Stenback founded Halton Doula Group on April 21, 2007 with the love of a small community, friends and family that quickly grew through word of mouth throughout Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Halton, Peel and Toronto. 

Halton Doula Group began as 3 birth and postnatal Doulas and over 7 years and through 3 maternity leaves, the group grew to include 8 doulas, 2 lactation consultants, childbirth education, workshops and seminars, sleep support and parent coaching. Partnerships began to form with a chiropractor, naturopath, photographer and other health professionals. As the services and partnerships with health care practitioners expanded, the need for a physical location became a dream come true. In June 2014, THE WOMB opened its doors in Milton, then in 2018 in Burlington, and soon to be expanding to communities in Vaughan, Woodstock, London, Niagara and Durham!


The WOMB(TM) is a sacred place of origin, development and growth. It serves communities as a loving space and resource where families are nourished, nurtured, supported and inspired through life.


To serve exceptionally and foster healthy relationships from conscious creating, informed pregnancy, mindful birth, and parenting in a non-judgmental atmosphere through self awareness, support, education and an integrated health care team.


We believe that every expectant, new mom and family deserve exceptional and loving emotional, physical, and educational support and service through their birthing process and in the early postpartum period. The following values represent our philosophies and guide us as we endeavor to care, love and support new mothers and their families.

1. We value pregnancy, birth and parenting, and recognize them as healthy and natural physical, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual life events.

2. We value listening, compassion, love and kindness and treat ourselves, our clients and each other with consideration and tenderness.

3. We value the support of partners, family and community in all aspects of pregnancy, birth and parenting.

4. We value the expertise of other primary health care providers while maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of our clients’ and communities’ information.

5. We support the World Health Organization's Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes in word and in practice. We also recognize, value and support parents' right to make informed choices about how they feed their baby(ies).

6. We value providing humanity with the information and resources necessary to make informed choices with regards to fertility, pregnancy and parenting. Knowing each family is unique we provide care for our clients based on their individual needs and goals.

7. We value and care for our clients without prejudice against age, race, religion, culture, marital status, sexual orientation, physical abilities or socio economic background.

8. We value teamwork and respect each other’s strengths and enjoy collaborating and working together to produce synergistic results.

9. We value gratitude, appreciation and joy as a balanced way of being and we choose to bring these into our daily activities and the culture that we create.

10. We value integrity and walk our talk leading by example in our personal and professional lives by connecting to and expressing from our authentic selves.

11. We value gratitude, appreciation and joy as a balanced way of being and we choose to bring these into our daily activities and the culture that we create.

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