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amy_dobbieTHE WOMB - MILTON
Dr. Amy Dobbie is a Naturopathic Doctor whose goal is to inspire families to create a healthy future. She earned her Bachelor’s degree of Health Sciences with Minor in Psychology at the University of Ottawa before pursuing her dream of becoming a Naturopathic Doctor. During her studies, Dr. Dobbie focused extensively on pediatric and pre-natal care, and has since completed additional training in the Health Masters Natural Pediatrics MasterClass, trained as a naturopathic doula and completed Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture certification.

While Dr. Dobbie works with patients of all ages and health concerns, her passion lies in helping families to establish optimal fertility, nourish healthy pregnancies and raise resilient children.

Dr. Dobbie is actively involved in the Halton community through the Halton Pre-Natal Network and as the Community Events Coordinator for the Halton Baby Friendly Initiative. She runs the Little Grazers cooking class through Famiizuu and frequently offers talks and workshops in her community to mom’s groups and local businesses. When not seeing patients, Dr. Dobbie loves to do yoga and experiment with new recipes in the kitchen.




After years suffering with various symptoms due to stress, poor digestion and hormonal imbalances, Dr. Mary was thrilled to discover naturopathic medicine and utilize its therapies to treat the root cause of her symptoms. By personally experiencing the benefits that simple yet powerful changes can make to one’s health, Dr. Mary gained a renewed appreciation for the power and healing capacity of the human body, when it is properly supported with all the necessary tools. 

As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Mary focuses her practice on understanding each patient’s unique health story, identifying potential patterns of imbalance and root cause of disease and developing a customized treatment plan to achieve their individual short and long term health goals. 

She has a special interest in helping children and adults with digestive health concerns as well as helping women with their reproductive and hormonal health. Having given birth (in her home!) to her two daughters and having become a lactation educator, she has further become very passionate about making the best possible choices for achieving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy, empowering labour & birth, a gentle, healing transition into the postpartum period and ensuring that children reach their optimal potential for growth and development.

When she is not with her patients, Dr. Mary is sharing her passion for naturopathic medicine with family, friends and those who gather at the various talks and seminars hosted within the community. She loves to educate others on complementary healthcare options (as there are many!) and share her personal and clinical experiences as a naturopathic doctor, wife and mother. She does her best to practice what she preaches in living a balanced life, which includes a passion for spending quality time with family and friends, preparing healthy and delicious meals and staying active!

She hopes that she will have the privilege in meeting you and supporting you on your journey to optimal health!

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